iText Express Version History

What was upgraded from 2.1, the new or improved features of iText Express 3.4.3.


Version 3.4.3 2011.06.21
1. Enabled to control a text by performing gestures with the Multi-Touch trackpad below..

1-1. 'Pinch Open & Close' makes a text zoom in and out.
Rotating a text clockwise or counterclockwise turns the writing direction appropriately to the Vertical Writing or the Horizontal Writing.

2. Enhanced the Information Area, to be available for the zoom box with Wrap to Window as well as Wrap to Page.
3. Enabled to compose the page layout even when
Wrap to Window is checked. After composing, it also leads you to switch the current setting to Wrap to Page showing a natural message that enable you to apply it right away.
4. Fixed some bugs and improved stability.

Version 3.4.2E 2011.04.11
1. Enabled to open a pop-up menu by clicking the iText Express icon in the Dock while holding Control. This allows you to open a selected document or a new one when you launch iText Express.
2. Enhanced the Information Area, to add easier ways to show the page. - Only available in
Wrap to Page.
3. Fixed some bugs and improved stability.

Version 3.4E 2010.03.01
1. Enhanced to open EPUB files in RTFD, to be available as the '.epub eBooks' viewer.
2. Fixed some bugs and improved stability.

Version 3.3E 2009.10.21
1. Enhanced to comply with Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).
2. Enhanced to follow every new command of TextEdit 10.6.

2-1. Added additional options in Edit menu > Extra sub-menu.
UPPERCASE, lowercase, Capitalize
- Smart Dash, Text Replacement, Show Substitutions
2-2. Added an additional option in
Edit menu > Spelling sub-menu.
2-3. Enhanced the
Preferences - New Document dialog < Preferences menu, to apply all new options for a new document as well.

3. Changed so the stamps appear in the sequence of each pattern you set in System Preferences - Language & Text, when checked Date Stamp, Time Stamp < Edit menu.
4. Fixed some bugs and improved stability.

Version 3.2.1E 2009.07.21
1. Enhanced localizing for the Danish OS, as well as the English, the Korean, and Japanese versions.
2. Added a number of brightly coloured icons for the visually impaired users, with details of how to insert them - see the "To Change Icons" folder.
3. Fixed some bugs and improved stability.

Version 3.2 (E) 2009.06.11
1. Changed the URL of all our products including iText Express and iText Pro '09. ( iText Pro '08 upgraded to iText Pro '09.)

The latest information for iText Express & Pro '09 is available at;
- iText Express ;
- iText Pro '09 ;

2. Enhanced localizing for the Korean OS, as well as the English and Japanese versions.
3. Enabled to change the program icons back to the originals, enclosed in the "To Change Icons" folder.

4. Enhanced the import text encodings, to be available as the book-reader for Aozora Bunko - the Japanese non-profit organization's Internet library, when Aozora Text (Shift Jis) < Open Dialog is checked.

5. All known issues and bugs around print have been resolved.
6. Fixed other bugs and improved stability.


Version 3.1 (E) 2008.08.01
1. First release of iText Pro '08, included in the iText Express Folder for you to try.
2. Enhanced to Universal Binary.
3. Enhanced to comply with
Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard).
4. Enhanced to follow every new command of TextEdit 10.5.

Autosave modified documents < Preferences dialog
Smart Copy/Paste, Smart Quotes, Smart Links, Check Grammar With Spelling < Extra < Edit menu.

5. Changed so the Hex code '00A0' appears as a space, when checked Show Invisibles < Format menu.
6. Enabled to change the tab stop numbers, in
Change Tab Intervals < Format menu.

7. Changed the order of Format menu commands, to make space for more features.

7-1. Added a Word Wrap sub-menu of additional options.
Word Wrap > Use Default Word Wrap / Use Japanese-wrap (Only in Japanese Font use) / No Word Wrap
Allow Hyphenation / Do not Allow Hyphenation commands are moved into the Word Wrap sub-menus.
Vertical Writing / Horizontal Writing commands are moved down.

8. Enhanced the Document Info dialog < Format menu, to provide more features. (see below)

8-1. Changed the Document Info dialog to a floating window, that constantly browses the current document statistics.
8-2. Enhanced the
ruler unit options .
Enabled to set the ruler unit in characters, and have the ruler origin coincide with the left margins instead of the paper's edge.
8-3. Enabled to change the
cursor color.
8-4. Removed the
Smart Word Edit option.
For preserving proper spacing around copied text, the
Smart Word Edit option has been changed to the Smart Copy/Paste command < Extra < Edit menu.

9. Enhanced the Page layout dialog < Format menu, to enable Japanese text to determine the number of characters per line, and lines per page. (Only in Japanese Font use)
10. Enabled to quickly open the helpful documents including the manuals and some sample documents, and to check information online, from the
Help menu.

11. Improved the Vertical Writing to enable the ATOK for the Japanese TSM-Inline method, as well as the Horizontal Writing. (Only in Japanese)
12. Improved compatibility with LightWayText, including bookmarks, Superscript/Subscript, and Superior/Inferior. All known issues and bugs when reading a LightWayText file have been resolved.

13. Fixed some bugs and improved stability.


Version 2.1 (E) 2006.06.11
First release of an English version.


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