'LightWayText for Windows' Version History

What was upgraded from 4.1.5, the new or improved features of LightWayText 4.5.

Version 4.5E 2009.08.21
1. Changed the URL of all our products including LightWayText and iText.

The latest information for LightWayText & iText is available at;
- LightWayText ; http://www.jp-lightway.com/LightWayText/
- iText ; http://www.jp-lightway.com/iText/

2. Enhanced to comply with Windows Vista.
3. Enabled to quickly open the helpful documents including the manuals and some sample documents, and to check information online, from the Help menu.

4. Enhanced the import text encodings, to be available as the book-reader for Aozora Bunko - the Japanese non-profit organization's Internet library, when Aozora Text (Shift Jis) < Open Dialog is checked.
5. Fixed some bugs and improved stability.

Version 4.1.6E 2005.05.01
1. Enhanced to comply with Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger). (LightWayText for Mac)
2. Fixed some bugs and improved stability.

Version 4.1.5E 2004.11.01
1. First release of the Windows version. (There is also Mac version.)
If you often share documents between a Mac and a PC, put LightWayText in both for convenience.
Just one LightWayText license will cover both versions.

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