Why not share iText with your friends ?

We are now gifting 'iTextPro Trial Key' to applicants !

We think it would be great if many of you are interested in iText.

If you have not registered iTextPro yet and hope to try it out once,
please send us an email to

If you also would care to share iTextPro with your friends,
please send us an email with
your email address and that of your friends.

We will send an 'iTextPro Trial Key (effective for 30 days)'
to both
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Please try iTextPro and expect it to please !!

If you have a Mac, use iText immediately.
It will become one of your favourite tools; your good friend eternally...

Thank you...

Note that, 'iTextPro Trial Key' is NOT available for iText Pro '09.
'iText / iTextPro' is a whole different application from iText Pro '09.


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