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iText Pro '09 is included!

Do you ever wish you had a small, fast, simple word processor that has the TextEdit basics and just a few more important features - page numbers, columns, header/footer, footnotes - for manuscript writing? And how about a bookmark feature for effortless, lightning-quick navigation of your manuscript? You might like enjoying a variety of .epub public domain eBooks?
Just try 'iText Express' !

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The 'Mac App Store' version...

* The 'Mac App Store' version of iText Express does Not include iText Pro.
Please download iText Pro on the 'Mac App Store', too!


iText Express & Pro exploit OS X to the full,
as they are completely rewritten in
Cocoa !

iText Express will blend seamlessly with the OS X environment,
and we are convinced you will definitely love iText Pro and iText Express as well.
Also they will continue to grow with the power of Mac OS X.

iText Express & Pro are a Universal Binary.
iText Express & Pro even include still more lovely features!

The standard version of iText Express & Pro '09 require
OS X 10.3.9 onwards, including OS X 10.6.x
and are suitable for both Power PC and Intel Macs.

Now try iText Express freely !!

iText Express & iText Pro '09 3.4.3 for Mac OS 10.3.9 onwards.

Download iTextExpress3.4.3E MacOS X.dmg.zip (Standard version, 21st/ June /2011)

If you wish to give iText Express & Pro '09 still more advanced Find features, download this one additionally!

Download OgreKit 2.1.3.dmg.zip (1st/ August /2008)

Put the 'Frameworks' folder into the 'iText Express' folder. iText Express & Pro '09 will then enhance themselves, and show Find Extra sub-menus. OgreKit's Find dialog is available when you have checked Enable Powerful Find (OgreKit). It allows you to search for any Unicodes' characters, as well with the Regular Expression.

Note that these Frameworks are specific to iText Express & iText Pro '09.


Get it from CNET Download.com!


What are major differences between
iText, iText Express, iText Pro, and LightWayText?

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If you have any questions or cause for complaint, please do not hesitate to let us know at lightway@me.com (to Yumi directly)

We will be most grateful for your comments.
Or, if there is any information you require, please contact us at any time !

If you find our products as useful as we think you will,
please let your friends know about us !!

Please let us provide you with 'iText Express' latest information from time to time!

Thank you !


Many people have encouraged us and contributed to the development of our products in a variety of ways. Please let me express our gratitude to you. Also, I would like to express our gratitude to all supporters ! It is nice to know that there are friendly and helpful people all around the world...

I would like to express special gratitude to the following individuals for their assistance: Paul & Rita Pease, Michel Robert, H.P.G. Kouwenhoven, David Sobotta, Jules Allen, Jurij Gianluca Ricotti, CharlesW.Moore, Frédéric Blaison, Jennifer Berger, Sharon L. Cordesse, Tim Woodruff, Kris Fong, Kyle Williamson, Henri Guerard, Gerard Lasseur, Philip David Morgan, Jean Salou, Yves-Marie Maurin, Prof. Dr. Manfred Kropp, Nan Goldberg, Neil Van Ess IV, Donald Stanat, Joan D.Brader, Louis ROUSSEAU, BjörnBerke, JasonSunja Goldenrose, Larry Gibson, Stefan Fischer, Marianne Jones, David Langer, Robert U. Guthrie, Larry J Bouten, Hermann Hildbrand, Hans-Harald Herrmann, Rick Curran, Carlo Moll-Dillier, Ingrid Klock, Matteo Colombo, Ramona R. Baumann, Daniel Carolin, Richard G. Whitten, Robert van Vaals, Sue Whitehead, Gene van Troyer, Doug Lerner, Spiros Diolitsis, Guilherme Silva, Geoffrey Thomlinson, Simon Beaudry, Fabrizio Venerandi, and Bill Muench.

In particular, please let me express my special thanks to my dearest teacher Doug Browne, Prof. Dr. Eric Jauteek, an excellent Danish translator Erik Richard Sørensen, and Korean translator Jeremy Yun.
Without you the achievement of iText Express & Pro could not be possible...


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What are major differences between
iText, iText Express, iText Pro, and LightWayText ?