LightWayText Version History

What was upgraded from 4.0.4, the new or improved features of LightWayText 4.5.1.

Version 4.5.1It 2009.10.21
1. Enhanced to comply with Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).
2. Fixed some bugs and improved stability.

Version 4.5It 2009.07.21
1. Changed the URL of all our products including LightWayText and iText.

The latest information for LightWayText & iText is available at;
- LightWayText ;
- iText ;

2. Enhanced LightWayText-X to a Universal Binary.
3. Starts releasing of a German version. (There are also English and French versions.)

4. Enhanced the import text encodings, to be available as the book-reader for Aozora Bunko - the Japanese non-profit organization's Internet library, when Aozora Text (Shift Jis) < Open Dialog is checked.
5. Fixed some bugs and improved stability.

Version 4.1.7It 2008.08.01
1. Starts releasing of iText Express & Pro '8 for you to try.
2. Enhanced to comply with
Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard).
3. Enabled to quickly open the helpful documents including the manuals and some sample documents, and to check information online, from the Help menu.
4. Fixed some bugs and improved stability.

Veersion 4.1.6It 2005.05.01
1. Enhanced to comply with Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger).
2. Supports EGBridge15's new feature 'Smart Inline Conversion', so that the performance of the Japanese characters' conversion under EGBridge is more efficient, in response to Japanese user requests. (Only in Japanese OS X using EGBridge15 as the Japanese TSM-Inline method).
3. Fixed some bugs and improved stability.

Version 4.1.5It 2004.12.21
1. Changed LightWayText into a real hybrid usable with both Mac and PC; since 'LightWayText for Windows' is just being released.
If you often share documents between a Mac and a PC, put LightWayText in both for convenience.
Just one LightWayText license will cover both versions.
2. Enhanced Font Smoothing in the Option of the Preferences, so that displaying Quartz fonts on screen is clearer and effective for Antialiasing. (OS X only).
3. Added zoom sizes of 120% and 125% in response to user requests.
4. Improved scrolling for more smoothness.
5. Increased the Font Sizes up to 5,000 points in response to user requests.
6. Enabled word movement with Option (or alt) + right or left Arrow keys.
7. Included a 'Calender2005' in the Key macro sub-menu of the Edit menu, as the macro sample.
8. Fixed some bugs and improved stability.

Version 4.1.4It 2004.06.01
1. First release of the Italian version.

Version 4.1.4E 2004.06.01
1. Enabled to save the View Size of the document.
2. Improved scrolling after expanding the view.
3. Fixed some bugs in the Wordwrap, so that when Flow Lines is checked, the 'smart quotes' are not separated from the text at a soft line break.
4. Enabled the scroll to here feature in the ReadMeMaker. (OS X only).
5. Fixed some bugs to improve stability.

Version 4.1.3E 2004.04.01
1. Enhanced LightWayText-X to OS-X native application.
2. Support for a spell checker. (Only in OS-X)
3. Added a new item Find Keyword... in the Spelling sub-menu of the Edit menu. (OS-X only)
4. Fixed some bugs in Stream Editor (SEd) which caused syntax errors with 'y' command.
5. Enabled the scroll to here feature. (Only in OS X).
6. Fixed some bugs to improve stability.

Version 4.1.2E 2003.12.11
1. Added a new item Words in the Document dialog of the Format menu, to show the number of words.
2. Enhanced Stream Editor (SEd) so that you can search and make appropriate substitutions in longer target lines (more than 3,000 characters in one paragraph).
3. Support for new expressions '\xhh' and '\xhhhh' for Hexadecimal digits, in SED Regular Expression.
4. Added a 'Calender2004' in the macro samples.
5. Fixed some bugs to improve stability.

Version 4.1.1E 2003.10.25
1. Enhanced to comply with Mac OS 10.3.
2. Support for importing and exporting Rich Text Format (RTF) files.
3. Support for importing and exporting Unicode format files (UTF8, UTF16) in Mac-OS 8.6 onwards.
4. Support for multilingual languages' Unicodes, including US-ASCII codes, Japanese, European languages, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Turkish, and mathematical symbols. (Only in OS-X)
5. Enhanced for longer file names (up to 255 characters) and some File commands' dialogs for OS-X.
6. Changed the existing command name of Browser in File menu, to File Browser.
7. Added a new item Using An Old File Dialog in File Preference dialog to give an alternative for the earlier system's dialogs in OS-X.
8. Added a new item Fore Color in Color Preference dialog, so that you can set the default indication characters' color in the Ruler, Line number and Information area separately from the Appearance Color.
9. Added the Ruby (Small Letters) function in Other sub-menu of the Style menu.
10. Enhanced Line Spacing tools and Character Spacing tools in Format Tools, so that you can change the spaces sequentially by keeping the Narrow and Expand buttons depressed.
11. Improved printing precision in the Vertical Writing format.
12. Improved appearances precision when expanding view.

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